coronavirus dance

Photo: Ketsia Bedy / Twitter

It had to be us: South Africans go viral for creating ‘coronavirus dance’

South African coping mechanisms remain undefeated: As coronavirus spooks an entire nation, we’ve got this lot – making a big song and dance about it.

coronavirus dance

Photo: Ketsia Bedy / Twitter

Have you ever known a country to make light of such dark matters? Then again, we’re a state that relies on Eskom for electricity – we literally have no choice but to “lighten things up”. The coronavirus outbreak is panicking a lot of South Africans, particularly those receiving medical treatment, but for others? It’s a vibe.

Dealing with disease the only way we know how

Now, we aren’t going to commit to any side of this debate. Y’all can laugh if you want to. Likewise, if you think it’s inappropriate, that’s your business. But for the next few minutes, you can catch us pulling splinters from our collective backside – we’re sitting on the fence for this one.

A group of South Africans have gone viral for their “coronavirus dance”. The footage, shot in a nightclub at an unknown location in Mzansi this week, has piqued all kinds of interest. Just a week after the #CoronavirusChallenge left social media users howling with laughter, we’ve been treated to these chaotic scenes:

Watch the ‘coronavirus dance’ here

What is the coronavirus dance… and why is it so South African?

There are some basic steps to this move. Cover your mouth with one hand, point the other in the air, waggle your finger, and start chanting “corona!” to whichever beat is supplied. We’d say we were left open-mouthed by this creatively dark invention… but that’s against WHO guidelines for fighting COVID-19.

Of course, the general reaction is that, well, this is hopelessly South African. Nowhere else in the world would laugh in the face of trauma like we do. Our natural coping mechanism – of finding humour amongst the uncomfortable situations we sometimes find ourselves in – remains strong and undeterred.

And, amongst this horrendous backdrop of disease and power cuts, it is important that we find some time to release the tension. This may be the sort of thing that just helps ease a bit of anxiety, if only for a moment.