Alcohol ban beer truck free

Photo: Twitter

Watch: Free beer for locals, as booze truck loses its load

Bheki Cele better be lying down before seeing this: A beer truck has shed its load near Pretoria, as dozens of locals found a way past the alcohol ban.

Alcohol ban beer truck free

Photo: Twitter

How is your luck? Locals in the Rosslyn area of Pretoria have been seen grabbing what they can get by the side of the R566, after a beer truck lost its load on the Mabopane Highway. Motorists and nearby residents rushed to the scene when they realised free booze was spilling onto the road, defying the nation’s alcohol ban.

What alcohol ban? Beer truck sheds its load near Mabopane

The unbelievable scenes were captured by various Twitter users. Dozens of people flocked to the site in a bid to get their hands on the bottles of liquor. It’s believed that the consignment of Castle Lager – and what remained on board of the vehicle – has been completely ransacked, without a drop left behind.

Those heading towards the Rosslyn exit of the R80 have been told to expect heavy traffic, rather than any more free booze. Police are at the scene now, and the post alcohol ban frenzy has seemingly come to a halt.

Watch: Locals in Pretoria mop-up the free beer here:

The alcohol ban in South Africa

Initially in place for 70 days during the hard lockdown, the alcohol ban made an unpopular return earlier in July. Citing high trauma rates in hospitals caused by drinking, Cyril Ramaphosa made the shock decision to yank liquor from the shelves. So when a truck full of ale pours onto the road, what happened here was inevitable.

No doubt Bheki Cele will be increasingly hot under the collar watching these scenes. The purchase of beer remains an illegal pursuit, and this incident will technically be classed as looting. But, nonetheless, we bet the parched locals of Pretoria won’t be worrying about the consequences this evening…