John Vuli Gate Steenhuisen

Photo: Twitter

Watch | DA leader Steenhuisen performs his version of ‘John Vuli Gate’

‘They call me John Vuli Gate’, Mr. Steenhuisen told a crowd in Mpumalanga, before showing us all his ‘unique’ dance moves once again.

John Vuli Gate Steenhuisen

Photo: Twitter

Mapara A Jazz dropped their iconic John Vuli Gate track almost a year ago. But for DA leader John Steenhuisen, the beats are still fresh in his mind. The smash-hit and accompanying dance moves proved so popular, Police Minister Bheki Cele wanted to place limitations on its usage – for fear of it encouraging people to break lockdown laws.

Eish, it’s been one hell of a pandemic, hasn’t it?

Are you voting for John Vuli Gate?

Despite gaining popularity as the second wave of infections soared in SA, John Vuli Gate went from strength to strength, and it’s now a cultural classic in Mzansi. However, some of its street cred might have been trimmed on Saturday.

That’s because John Steenhuisen treated us all to his own performance of the song, complete with dance moves too. The 45-year-old copped some heat for his two left feet earlier this week, as he was spotted moving with little rhythm in a campaign video. However, the opposition leader hasn’t allowed the haters to stop him from grooving.

Watch: ‘They call me John Vuli Gate‘ – Steenhuisen feels the groove in Mpumalanga

Here’s what DA supporters in Doornkop were treated to over the weekend:

John Steenhuisen rules out any coalition with the EFF

With the Local Elections now just two weeks away, John Steenhuisen and his colleagues are hoping that they can replicate the success of 2016 – but so much has changed in the last five years, and the DA will perhaps be the first to admit it. The party leader stated on Sunday that they will no longer entertain the proposal of ANY coalition with the EFF:

“Let me be very clear for those asking or unsure, the DA will NOT be entering into any coalitions with the EFF under my leadership, they do not share our values and we learned a valuable lesson over the last five years.”

“We would rather serve our voters as an excellent opposition than compromise our values in a government with corrupt and rent-seeking partners who do not share these.” | John ‘Vuli Gate’ Steenhuisen