The Fynbos

Nature meets urban living at The Fynbos, Africa’s first biophilic building. Image: The Fynbos.

LOOK: Africa’s first biophilic building sprouts up in Cape Town

Construction is underway on The Fynbos, Africa’s first biophilic building, in Cape Town – a 24-storey apartment tower.

The Fynbos

Nature meets urban living at The Fynbos, Africa’s first biophilic building. Image: The Fynbos.

Construction began on Africa’s first biophilic building, The Fynbos, in Bree Street, Cape Town. The building incorporates natural elements into its design.

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The Fynbos: A biophilic building in the heart of Cape Town

The 24-story building will be home to 689 apartments, a coworking space, a lap pool, a terrace on the rooftop and a plant-based restaurant on the ground floor, plus more.

“The biophilic concept centres on integrating nature into the urban setting and, in that way, regenerating and restoring the city. As such, it benefits both external and internal environments,” said developer and owner Lurra Capital.

Image: The Fynbos

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According to BusinessTech, The Fynbos will also incorporate nifty sustainable features, including solar panels and a rainwater harvesting system.

The most eye-catching feature is that the exterior of the apartment building will feature a 1200m2 vertical garden made up of indigenous trees and shrubs.

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Image: The Fynbos

‘Robust interest’

Paul Upton, the head of developments for Dogon Group Properties, the agent for the development, said there’s been “robust interest” in the building locally and from abroad.

Developers are even considering increasing prices for the remaining units due to the strength of the sales.

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Image: The Fynbos

At the moment, a studio apartment starts at R1 104 000, a one-bedroom will set you back 1 920 000, and a two-bedroom will cost at least R4 290 000.

Upton remarked that the price of a home is much higher in the Western Cape, and rising demand has led to an increase in property prices.

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