5 December is Walt Disney Day. Image: Pixabay

Time to revisit your childhood memories – It’s Walt Disney day!

Walt Disney Day, observed on 5 December, honors the man responsible for some of our fondest childhood memories


5 December is Walt Disney Day. Image: Pixabay

Remember snuggling up with snacks and a blanket, the excitement of seeing the intro to your favorite Disney movie pop up?

On 5 December we celebrate the man behind it all – Walt Disney.

The history of Walt Disney

Walt Disney was born in 1901, just as the new century was beginning.

He would go on to change everything, introducing his fantastic ensemble of animated characters and revolutionizing entertainment and film.

He was born in Chicago, but throughout his childhood, he would relocate several times.

First in 1906 to a family farm in Missouri and then once more in 1911 to Kansas City, where he would attend grammar school.

When he returned from World War I, where he worked with the Red Cross, his career as an illustrator and artist officially began.

How did we come to celebrate this day?

The purpose of Walt Disney Day is to honor Walt Disney, who has inspired love, friendship, and joy in youngsters throughout the world.

No matter when you were born, there is probably a Disney movie that brings back childhood memories for you, from The Snow White to Cinderella.

Disney is more than just movies with toys, theme parks, and so much more available.

It is only fitting that we celebrate and honor Walt Disney, one of the great entrepreneurs of our time and a true child at heart.

He is an illustrator who would get his start in 1919, when he returned from World War I, during which he served as a Red Cross volunteer.

Mickey Mouse would not be born until 1928, as the result of a sketch done while he was on a bus.

It quickly became the focal point of the Disney Empire, which grew to become one of the world’s most important names in family entertainment.

Disney is a household name around the world, thanks to its beloved characters, exciting theme parks, and, most recently, its ownership of Star Wars.

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