15 January is national pothole day. Image: Pixabay

Well here’s a day we’d rather not celebrate – It’s pothole day

One of our biggest headaches on our driving journeys are potholes which only get worse as time goes by – today is national pothole day


15 January is national pothole day. Image: Pixabay

We all know the absolute frustration and danger of trying to avoid potholes while driving, with most of our roads riddled with them – 15 January is national pothole day.

History of national pothole day

Every day, a new pothole appears on the roads you frequently travel, making your journey increasingly dangerous.

Modern holes are caused by road wear and tear caused by rain and sun, as well as repeated vehicle travel across the road.

Hot-patch is frequently used to repair it, but the next major rainstorm will often push this temporary patch right back out as the road swells and contracts due to the changing heat of the road.

Potholes are nothing new; in fact, their name derives from Roman roads built during the Roman Empire.

Roads were built on a bed of clay, then gravel, then hard-baked bricks, and potholes were where potters would break open the road’s surface to get at the good potting clay found beneath.

This was a great source of clay for potters but a nightmare for the chariots and wagons that traveled those roads.

This day reminds us of their long history, as well as our responsibility to help get them fixed.

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