beer bread

nikita’s beer bread

Anyone can do it: Think SuzelleDIY and turn beer bread into muffins

Super quick and painless baking delights for anyone who enters the kitchen. No baking skills required!

beer bread

nikita’s beer bread

I’ll be honest, after being on day 1 572 of lockdown (okay, day 28 to be factual and less dramatic), I have been googly-eyed at everyone’s simply scrumptious baked goods on my social media feeds and then thinking to myself how wonderful everyone is for baking these culinary delights.

However, let’s face it, not everyone is or wants to be a master baker, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want or deserve those treats too. With bakeries closed and the pre-baked goodies from local grocers being less than subpar, and possibly banned along with those Woolies pies, I have found an alternate solution for you. It comes in a box or at least this round, a packet.

Feeling ‘snacky’ after social media eye binge

Today’s attempt came in a tiny bag and I vaguely remember buying it on a road trip at a lovely little farm shop and then coming home only to forget about it in the cupboard.

So, after feeling “snacky” from a social media eye binge, I frantically scoured through my kitchen to find this olive and rosemary beer bread that I once thought would be great for a braai.

Looking at the back of the packet it seemed that half of the instructions were missing and I also could not find any mention of having to add eggs.

Apparently, that is because it is so simple to make that it does not need lengthy instructions or ingredients such as eggs.

All I needed was a beer (a scarce commodity these days, I know) and 50 grams of melted butter. Step 1 (and also the only step) was to mix the beer and the melted butter into the flour concoction into a bowl and then put into a bread tin and bake for 15 to 20 minutes.


Not being an expert baker, I have no bread tin, but improvised with a muffin pan that came with the house. To be fancy and to add a bit of “Je ne sais quoi”, I added blocks of cheese into the middle of each dollop and popped it into the oven for 20 minutes to get to my final product: Olive and rosemary beer “muffins”.

All images are actual photos of my creations and though pictures may be deceiving, they are in fact as good as they look proving that SuzelleDIY really has a point when she says that anyone can do it!

Image by Nikita Cloete