KZN wedding lockdown 2

Photo: Twitter

Wedding cells: KZN bride, groom arrested over ‘mid-lockdown marriage’

A couple who flouted the lockdown laws to get married on Sunday both found themselves in the cells, after police crashed their illegal ceremony.

KZN wedding lockdown 2

Photo: Twitter

Some couples can’t wait to get married, but we doubt many have gone to the extremes this pair of newlyweds in KZN went to: A bride and groom spent their first few hours of wedded bliss in the police cells of Empangeni Station after they were caught in the middle of their ceremony during lockdown.

KZN wedding breaks lockdown rules

We’re all familiar with the lockdown protocol by now: You can only leave your house for essential items, medical emergencies or journeys that are absolutely necessary for key workers. Sadly for these two, the power of love cannot defeat coronavirus, and they are flouting the strict rules laid out by the government.

The wedding, which took place in the north of KZN in Nseleni, was also attended by more than 50 guests. This breaks the social distancing guidelines which have been established to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Watch: KZN newlyweds head straight to jail

To make matters worse, no precautions were taken by the guests, as masks and gloves were in short supply – and no, before you ask, a wedding veil doesn’t do the same job…

Lockdown means lockdown

A tip-off from someone in the community based near Richard’s Bay led police to the scene. Unfortunately, “getting hitched to the ol’ ball and chain” now takes on a more literal meaning for the spouses. If nothing else, they certainly have a story for the grandchildren – but this wedding party should have certainly known better.