kid inventors'

17 December is kid inventors’ day. Image: Pixabay

Celebrate little geniuses on kid inventors’ day

Kid inventors’ day honors children who have dared to defy the world and come up with better solutions than all the adults before them

kid inventors'

17 December is kid inventors’ day. Image: Pixabay

‘Though they be little, they are fierce,’ on 17 January we celebrate those little ones with the big brains, it is kid inventors’ day.

History of Kid inventors’ day

Kid inventors’ day was founded several years ago by people who wanted to recognise the accomplishments of the youngest inventors while also encouraging more children to be creative.

The date of 17 January was not chosen by chance; it is the anniversary of the birth of renowned polymath, politician, and child inventor Benjamin Franklin.

Many people are unaware that Franklin invented the world’s first swim flippers when he was just 12 years old.

This making him a great role model for any child who dreams of creating something never seen before.

Fascinating inventions by children

Other children have invented many other things that we still use today, such as popsicles, the trampoline, and ear muffs.

Braille, the language of the blind, is perhaps one of the most impressive things invented by a child.

Its creator, Louis Braille, lost his vision in a tragic accident when he was three years old and spent his early adolescent years developing his new language while studying at The National Institute for Blind Youth in Paris.

Almost 200 years later, Ryan Patterson, an American teen, improved the lives of the disabled by inventing a glove with special sensors that translates American Sign Language hand motions into written words on a digital display.

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