Julius Malema Donald Trump

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

Peas in a pod? Why Julius Malema is being compared to Donald Trump

They are polar opposites in terms of political policy, but there is now a growing consensus that Julius Malema and Donald Trump bare striking similarities.

Julius Malema Donald Trump

Photo: Flickr / GCIS

You could not pick two elected representatives who are further apart on the political scale: Julius Malema is the voice of South Africa’s ultra-left party, and Donald Trump represents a brand of hard-right policies that have put the USA – and the rest of the world – on edge. But do these two have more in common than first thought?

Julius Malema and Donald Trump – on the same wavelength?

They are accused of rallying on populist narratives. They utilise social media to ram home their views. Indeed, both men have a distinctive tone and style when addressing their supporters. And, as we’ve seen recently, neither Julius Malema nor Donald Trump are particularly fond of the media, portraying some members of the press as ‘enemies’.

This has been the key theme running through the comparisons of Juju and The Donald: The disdain for reporters is part of their entire rhetoric. This point was raised by the DA’s Phumzile Van Damme on Tuesday. She accused the EFF leader of following a ‘Trumpesque narrative’, after he accused certain media professionals of ‘colluding with President Ramaphosa’.

  • Indeed, it seems PVD is not alone in thinking along these lines:

EFF reject ‘fascism’ claims

It’s not the only unflattering comparison Julius Malema has been subjected to this month. Several opponents of the EFF – including the DA – have stated that the political firebrand bares the hallmarks of Adolf Hitler. Of course, such a strong statement has drawn outright rejection from the Red Berets, but Juju cannot shake his authoritarian image.

Meanwhile, EFF Commissar Mbuyiseni Ndlozi has shared his latest thoughts on the outgoing US president, branding him ‘delusional’ for refusing to concede defeat in the recent elections. He certainly doesn’t welcome the comparisons…

“When you read Trump’s tweets on election results, you think the man is having a meltdown and sometime soon he will wake up. But soon you realise, this is the normal state of things – he is not about to wake up, it’s not a meltdown, he has been delusional all his life!”

Mbuyiseni Ndlozi