India: ‘Drunk’ buffaloes unwit

India: ‘Drunk’ buffaloes unwittingly expose illegal alcohol stash

Three farmers in India have been arrested for selling illegal alcohol after a herd of buffaloes got drunk on their moonshine

India: ‘Drunk’ buffaloes unwit

How often do you hear come across such a story? Drunk buffaloes unknowingly lifting the lid on an illegal booze selling operation.

According to Times of India, the three buffaloes had gotten tipsy after drinking water from a trough that hid moonshine bottles.

Drunken buffaloes: What happened?

One of the farmers had apparently called a vet hen the buffaloes stopped eating and started frothing at the mouth. The next day, the animals continued frothing at the mouth and jumped around uncontrollably, prompting them to call another vet.

The farmers are brothers Dinesh, Ambaram and Ravi Thakor.

“The doctor paid a short visit and asked about the weird smell emanating from the water in the trough. He also quizzed about the yellowish colour of water in the container. The Thakor brothers told him that some branches had fallen off in the trough, causing discolouration,” a statement said.

The vet then left, but had some suspicions about foulplay involving liquor. He informed the relevant authorities about his suspicions.

 “The animals probably drank the water laced with liquor from the damaged liquor bottles,” the police told the publication. They further said that the buffaloes have since managed to recover from their ordeal.

When they raided the stable, police found a treasure trove of illegal alcohol, including bottles of vodka, whiskey, and other liquor worth around $430 (that’s more than R6 000) stashed inside the trough and under some fodder.