EFF Julius Malema Champagne

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Champagne socialist: Did Malema break the bank with birthday bubbly?

Julius Malema celebrated his 39th birthday with a touch of style this week: However, his champagne choices have got people talking once again.

EFF Julius Malema Champagne

Photo: EFF / Twitter

The CIC officially turns 39 on Tuesday, and although he’s walked away from his “glory days” on the sauce, Julius Malema still enjoys the odd tipple here and there. In fact, champagne seems to be his go-to refreshment, after a couple of fancy bottles were spotted at his birthday bash this week.

Julius Malema hits the champagne again

Last August, Juju was branded a “champagne socialist” by Twitter users after he was snapped sipping Moet and Chandon on a business-class flight. The picture called a buzz online, but it certainly didn’t phase Malema. He had a bottle of M&C with him on Monday, as well as some House of BNG fizz.

Although Moet and Chandon have been responsible for producing four of the 10 most expensive wines of all time, you can order yourself a low-end brand of theirs for less than R1 000. Depending on the vintage, Julius Malema could have spent less than four figures on each bottle. Conversely, the Dom Perignon special edition bottles have been known to sell for a whopping R50 000.

There’s no suggestion the EFF leader was up that end of the scale. In fact, he was even buying one of the local varieties too. House of BNG – sparkling wine produced by South African superstar Bonang – was also present at the birthday gathering. You can pick this up for R399 per bottle, and despite being more expensive than other domestic brands, it’s hardly an ostentatious figure.

Is Juju a champagne socialist?

The term “champagne socialist” is used to refer to someone who preaches ideas such as marxism, communism – and yes, socialism – while treating themselves to flashy, expensive goods. The derogatory label has been thrown at Malema before, with him and fellow EFF members previously being accused of wearing “Gucci overalls”.

There are two schools of thought on this: By drinking expensive alcohol, Malema is failing to practice what he preaches. However, socialism doesn’t necessarily mean “living like a commoner at all times” – if you make a decent wage, there are some perks you’re entitled to. But this will be a tag that sticks to the politician.