Faf de Klerk

Springbok 2019 Rugby World Cup-winning scrumhalf Faf de Klerk will join Japanese side Yokohama Canon Eagles next season. Photo: Springboks / Twitter

Faf de Klerk: How to get your hands on his iconic pants

If you ever have to meet a member of the Royal Family, you too can do a “Faf de Klerk” – this is the story behind his now-infamous pants.

Faf de Klerk

Springbok 2019 Rugby World Cup-winning scrumhalf Faf de Klerk will join Japanese side Yokohama Canon Eagles next season. Photo: Springboks / Twitter

Depending on your preferences, seeing Faf de Klerk storm around the dressing room in Yokohama after winning the World Cup was either thrilling or jarring. But for an independent, South African clothing manufacturer, it was the type of publicity a small business can only dream about.

The iconic briefs – essentially a pair of speedos with the South African flag on them – endured quite a journey on Saturday. De Klerk slipped into something more comfortable after the final whistle, and partied harder than any of his team-mates. He was the energy coursing through South Africa this weekend.

When Harry met Faf de Klerk

He’s danced about in his banana hammock, took daft photos with it, and even downed beer from the Webb-Ellis trophy in the now-infamous underwear. But few people would have expected him to greet Prince Harry like this:

Where are those pants from?

The incredible meeting between the two figures culminated in the royal being offered a beer, which he duly swigged in front of the celebrating South Africans. The Prince has expressed a desire to live in Africa, away from the merciless glare of the British tabloid press, and we’d be more than happy to host him if keeps up this kind of behaviour.

They’re the briefs that were seen across the world. And you’ve got Bean Bag Swim to thank for that. They make all sorts of patriotic garments, mainly used for swimmers and aquatic athletes. Clearly, Faf de Klerk was preparing to drown himself in beer on Saturday and came well prepared. The gear is favoured by other Boks players, too:

South African flag speedos

These speedos are commonly referred to as “the SAFFA”, and the people behind the #ProudlySouthAfrican brand aren’t shy when it comes to trumping-up their best-seller. According to their website, Bean Bag Swim go above and beyond the call of duty to produce the best possible comfort experience.

“The SAFFA is our best selling swim item for obvious reasons, the colours of the South African Flag are vibrant and bright just like the rainbow nation we are. This speedo is double lined from back to front with a draw string, ensuring that the product is durable enough to tackle any situation you throw at it.”

“All our Bean Bag Swim items are produced with only the finest fabrics featuring crystal clear prints with a buttery soft texture to ensure you are comfortable no matter how long you wear your little number. So if you wear a size 32 pants or shorts. we reckon you should go for a size 32 Bean Bag.”

How to get Faf de Klerk’s pants

If you want to recreate your own Faf de Klerk moment – because nothing says unmitigated joy like drinking ale in your pants – it won’t break the bank. Bean Bag Swim’s website has the SAFFA on sale for R299. So the next time you meet a member of the British Monarchy, you can guarantee you’ll be dressed for the occasion.

If speedos really aren’t your thing – and honestly, who could blame you – then you might be interested to hear that you can also get shorts, trunks and tights emblazoned with the South African flag. If you end up spending more than R650, there’s free delivery too.

And that’s the story of Faf de Klerk’s pants. They are a local brand with a now-international presence. The weather’s getting warmer and that means it’s time to hit the beach and make a statement: We’re yet to receive confirmation on whether Harry has ordered a matching set for himself and Meghan, though.