Julius Malema versace

Photo: EFF / Twitter

Pants on fire? Malema denies wearing R2 000 Versace jeans while voting

Julius Malema has denied wearing a pair of pricey Versace jeans on Monday – and he’s ready to sue anyone who says otherwise.

Julius Malema versace

Photo: EFF / Twitter

There are few more important dates on the calendar than Election Day – but that doesn’t mean we avoid the silliness of South Africa and its political characters. On Monday, Julius Malema went to cast his vote in Seshego, Limpopo – but it would be an accusation about Versace pants that became the major talking point.

Julius Malema and the Versace jeans – is it true?

A journalist writing for the SowetanLive accused Juju of turning up to the voting booth in R2 000 jeans made by the internationally-renowned designer. It was even argued that the price tag was showing around the back.

Naledi Shange – who first noted the alleged outfit – featured the daring fashion choice in a story published earlier on Monday. However, if she hasn’t got the receipts, the journo may yet regret going to print with this article.

‘Prove it, or I will sue you’ – Juju gets nasty

Julius Malema has barked back ferociously, and eventually challenged Shange to prove that he was wearing the costly garms. The 40-year-old also threatened to sue the reporter directly…

Julius Malema says he is no ‘Fela in Versace’

Why is this seen as such a big deal? Well, it’s all to do with image: Julius Malema is an outspoken socialist, and hard-left Marxist. His whole political philosophy is to share the wealth. So if he has been cutting about in Versace jeans, some will argue this undermines his message against capitalism and his anti-consumerist views.

Often accused of being a ‘champagne socialist’ himself, Malema has previously rejected claims that he is ‘hypocritical’. But the man lives a very different life to that of his support base. For the sake of his political persona, Malema hopes that his side of the story will prevail – providing that Naledi Shenge doesn’t come through with the proof.