Smile scariest movie of 2022

With an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Smile has set tongues wagging – Photo: Smile Movie / Twitter

LOOK: ‘Scariest film of 2022’ hits SA cinemas this week [trailer]

It doesn’t get any creepier than this. Smile comes to South African cinemas this week – and you’ll need nerves of steel to sit through it…

Smile scariest movie of 2022

With an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Smile has set tongues wagging – Photo: Smile Movie / Twitter

We tell you what: It’s been a very long time since a two-minute movie trailer left us hiding behind the sofa. But that’s exactly what Smile has achieved – and it has already been described as ‘the scariest film of 2022‘ by some cinema buffs.

Is this the scariest film of the year? Smile set to hit SA cinemas…

We’re putting our names behind that claim, too. It’s no mean feat from Parker Finn, who is making his cinematic debut with this exercise in terror. Smile is a nerve-shredding rollercoaster, packed full of scares, shocks, and unsettling source material.

Usually disarming and warm, the film uses the concept of a smile to weave nail-chewing dread into its audience. The flick explores themes of trauma, mental illness, and how we perceive our own realities. And, while it’s doing that, your heart-rate will be going through the roof.

Smile scariest movie of 2022
The scariest film of 2022? Well, even the trailers are terrifying! – Photo: Smile Move / Twitter

Grin and bear it: Smile set to terrify South African audiences

Sosie Bacon (yes, that is Kevin’s daughter…) stars as Dr. Rose Cotter, and the premise is enough to set anyone on edge:

“After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr. Rose Cotter starts experiencing frightening occurrences she canʼt explain. As an overwhelming terror takes over her life, Rose must confront her troubling past in order to escape her horrifying new reality.”


WATCH: Final trailer for Smile goes viral…

Right, full disclosure. A new trailer for this haunting horror actually dropped on Tuesday. Against our better judgment, we sat through it all. We counted three screams, five cardiac events, and one new pair of pants. Make sure you’re not in the dark for this one…

‘Scariest film of the year’ pleases the critics

The early critical reception has been largely positive too. Smile already has an 83% rating on Rotten Tomatoes, and independent horror bloggings are absolutely loving it. Connor Carey has added his voice to the chorus, praising the move for its ‘looming sense of dread’.

“Smile is one of the scariest films of the year, with shocking imagery, many well executed jump scares, and a looming sense of dread throughout. Sosie Bacon is great, and the themes add lots of unexpected depth. The ending is haunting. It’s such a good year for horror.” | Connor Carey

Will you be brave enough to sit through this flick?

Dropping a five-star review in a piece on Wednesday, horror expert Aaron Murray hailed the ‘chilling’ production, singling out its ‘scary visuals’. Good luck to anyone who can keep a smile on their face while watching this, by the way.

“Smile is incredible. A chilling horror film with some of the scariest visuals and concepts I’ve seen in a very very long time. Without a doubt, one of the absolute best films I’ve seen this year. It’s five stars from me.” | Aaron Murray