'Karen' Halloween outfit sparks backlash

‘Karen’ Halloween outfit sparks backlash
Image via spirithalloween.com

‘Karen’ says SA universities will reject daughter ‘because she’s white’

A South African woman is being labelled a ‘Karen’ after claiming universities would reject her daughter because of her race

'Karen' Halloween outfit sparks backlash

‘Karen’ Halloween outfit sparks backlash
Image via spirithalloween.com

A South African white woman is on the receiving end of some backlash on Twitter after wildly claiming her daughter will likely fail to gain entry into a local university because of her race. Under the Twitter handle @ShellyTots, the woman claimed she was now considering sending her child to a higher learning institution abroad after she matriculates in a few years.

According to the mom, who has been labelled a ‘Karen’ because of her tweet, her daughter is only 16 years old and had been looking into different universities.

“My daughter is 16. Looking at universities etc etc now. Yesterday she says ‘mom, even if my marks are really good, I probably wont get into university because I’m white”. The penny dropped for her. Its very sad. Hopefully we can send her abroad,” she said on the social media platform on Monday, 20 February 2023.

It isn’t clear where exactly in South Africa is the woman based, but according to her, university representatives who had recently visited her daughter’s school told her grades weren’t the main prerequesite for entry – but that race is also factored in.



Well, Twitter has been awash with reaction to the woman’s post, with other white South Africans dismissing her claim of racism in the higher education space, particularly against white students.

“I beg your pardon? University is the easiest thing to get into if you have the grades. They don’t care what race you are. I wasn’t even eligible for the degree I wanted to pursue. All I had to do was a bridging course and voila. I was in. She literally has nothing to worry about!,” a Twitter user by the name of @Karika27 said.

Another user was not pleased with the tweet and called the woman a racist bigot, saying on Twitter: “I feel sorry for your daughter being raised by a racist self-entitled bigot. She gets this crap from you! Are all these white kids in South African universities foreigners?”

One white South African, who had recently been to Australia, echoed the woman’s sentiments and said he was considering sending his children to the land down under.

“I just got back from Australia..Perth and Melbourne are beautiful cities..very safe. Perth is the smaller of the two. Im looking very seriously at sending my twin girls there (they’re only 11),” the man, under the Twitter handle @LiebernbergCarl said.