Black Mamba Durban Beach

Photo: Jason Arnold / Facebook

Snake on shore! Black Mamba discovered at Durban beach

Snakes on a coastal plain? Another Black Mamba has surfaced on a Durban beach this week – measuring a whopping 2.3 metres in length.

Black Mamba Durban Beach

Photo: Jason Arnold / Facebook

For the second time in 2021, a Black Mamba has ended up on the shores of a Durban beach. The discovery was made by a group of fishermen, who were able to summon a local snake expert to come and rescue the venomous reptile.

Black Mamba surfaces on Durban beach

The deadly creature was initially washed up onto the shore, before being dragged out to sea again. Another large wave dumped it back on the sands, where it was battling for its life. Jason Arnold, the expert called to the scene, confirmed that the limbless animal had ingested water into its lungs – and drastic intervention was needed

With the help of a very brave bystander on Glenashley Beach, Arnold was able to drain the water from the Black Mamba – over two metres in length, by the way – and get the snake sent off to a top class observation unit for further treatment.

Will any more snakes wash up on shore?

It’s unlikely that there will be another Black Mamba surfacing on this Durban beach in the immediate future. But that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Meanwhile, while detailing the daring rescue, Arnold suggested that the serpent ended up on the shore after being washed down a stormwater pipe. His incredible intervention is truly a story to behold:

“I gently held the head facing down, allowing gravity to drain the much swallowed and inhaled water to drain out of it.
Every time the snake exhaled, I could literally feel the vibrating of the gurgling water in its lung.”

“Once I had drained all of the water that wanted to come out, I safely bagged the snake in a large duvet cover. The female Mamba measuring about 2.3m will be taken home and kept under observation until it can be given a clean bill of health.”

“Thereafter, it will be released into a suitable habitat away from humans. I’m assuming that the snake got washed down a stormwater pipe that led out directly onto that beach with the heavy downpour we had on Tuesday.”

Jason Arnold