NSRI Franskraal Gansbaai

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

NSRI: Kayaker saves two men after their boat capsizes near Gansbaai

The NSRI report that Kobus de Kok, a 66-year-old man, saved two fishermen whose boat had capsized near Gansbaai.

NSRI Franskraal Gansbaai

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

According to the NSRI, a 66-year-old man out for a daily paddle in Gansbaai proved to be the saviour of two fishermen whose boat capsized on Friday.

The Kayaker was identified as local man, Kobus de Kok, who regularly paddles at Franskraal near the Western Cape town of Gansbaai.

Sea Rescue volunteers were activated after receiving a distress call from the brother of two men whose boat capsized.

NSRI commend Kobus de Kok

De Kok came across the men before NSRI Hermanus rescue boats arrived at the scene, and was able to tow the men to shore with his kayak.

“At 17:28, Friday, 13 March, NSRI Hermanus duty crew were activated following reports from a local man reporting that he was on the shore at Franskraal, near to Gansbaai, where his 2 brothers had launched a small boat to fish and while fishing his 2 brothers, aged 59 and 64, capsized and they were in the water,” NSRI Hermanus station commander Deon Langenhoven said.

Fortunately, both men were wearing life jackets making the task of getting them safely to shore relatively straight forward.

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“Both were wearing life-jackets and a man on Kayak was attempting to help them,” Langenhoven added.

“Our sea rescue craft Rotarian Burnett was launched and while responding to the scene their brother on the shore continued to provide updates confirming that the kayaker was using his kayak to assist them and his one brother was already safely ashore and not injured after hanging onto the back of the kayak while the kayaker paddled ashore.

“The kayaker was returning to the scene to assist the second brother.

“The kayaker reached the second man who hung onto the back of the kayak and the kayaker paddled ashore bringing the second man to shore safely and he was not injured.

“After both men were confirmed to be safely ashore and not injured our NSRI sea rescue craft stood down and returned to base.”

The NSRI commended the actions of good Samaritan de Kock whose altruism prevented the two men from coming to harm.

“NSRI spoke to local man Kobus de Kok, age 66, who assisted in the rescue using his kayak,” Langenhoven said.

“Kobus had gone for a daily paddle and he had noticed the 2 men fishing on a small boat and on his return run he found them in the water at their capsized boat and he offered to assist.

“One after the other Kobus got the men to hold on to the back of his kayak and he paddled them safely ashore.”