Blue light hijacking. Image: pexels.com

North West: Couple detained for ‘K-word’ rant towards SAPS officer

We were hoping to leave this nonsense behind in 2019. But more fool us. SAPS officers have accused a North West couple of abusing them with the ‘K-word’.


Blue light hijacking. Image: pexels.com

A married couple from Ventersdorp, in North West, have posted bail on Thursday afternoon. Norma and Johan Master were arrested and jailed on New Year’s Eve for unruly behaviour. Their rap sheet includes a charge of crimen injuria after they both allegedly used the “K-word” to berate a local officer.

North West couple facing ‘K-word’ charges

SAPS have since released a statement on the matter. Their version of events claims that the pair were acting in a disorderly manner before law enforcement arrived at the scene of a dispute involving an ATM. One of the accused allegedly tried to steal a vehicle belonging to the cops, and a scuffle ensued:

“The accused’s court appearance came after their apprehension and detention on Tuesday 31 December 2019 in Ventersdorp. According to information available at this stage, police were called to a local filling station where the accused caused disorder, including refusing to queue to utilise an ATM.

“It is alleged that the accused assaulted and grabbed the state motor vehicle key from one of the police officers who were called to intervene. Furthermore, the accused reportedly insulted the police officer and in the process used the ‘K-word’.  The pair were subsequently arrested with assistance of street patrollers.”

SAPS statement

SAPS officers claim they were ‘racially abused’

During the arrest, the state motor vehicle key was found in possession of the wife. Both are now facing charges of theft, assault and crimen injuria after they posted bail of R600 between them. Norma, 27, and Johan, 41, are expected to return to the court later this month.

Lieutenant General Sello Kwena condemned the incident and said that the conduct displayed by the accused is tantamount to undermining the authority of the state which will certainly not be tolerated.

North West: Shades of Vicki Momberg

The accused have apparently followed in the infamous footsteps of Vicki Momberg, who became the first South African to be imprisoned for using racist language. Her “K-word” rant against a police officer went viral, and the subsequent sentencing set a stern precedent for those charged with counts of crimen injuria.

Given the list of misdemeanours shared by the Ventersdorp Magistrate’s Court, it’s entirely possible this supposedly foul-mouthed North West couple could suffer a very similar fate.