Nope, Rhodes at Oxford must not fall… according to majority of Brits

The Brits might be getting a little gatvol of Ntokozo Qwabe’s #RhodesMustFall shenanigans, as a new national poll reveals that only about 11% of them think the statue should be removed.


So, six out of ten Brits don’t think the statue of Cecil Rhodes at Oxford’s Oriel College should be taken down… go figure. Ntokozo Qwabe, the co-founder of RhodesMustFall wants the statue gone, as well as the ‘decolonisation’ of the university.

Qwabe, who’s the recipient of a Rhodes Scholarship which allowed him to study in the UK, hasn’t exactly had it easy since he started stirring shit over there. Folks have branded him a hypocrite for using Rhodes funding and at the same time wanting to tear down a statue of Rhodes and calling for him to #PayBackTheMoney.

Even the chancellor of Oxford, Lord Patten, has chimed in on the debate saying that those who can’t deal with Rhodes should study elsewhere

Anyway, a new study by YouGov shows that 59% of Brits want the statue to stay, 11% want it gone and 29% have no opinion.

Even though students at Oxford Union last week voted for the removal of the statue, ultimately it’s not up to them whether or not it goes.

Qwabe might be wearing out his welcome at one of the world’s top five universities and, if he keeps it up he might find himself back at the University of Kwa-Zulu Natal.