Athol Trollip

No more business and first class air travel for Nelson Mandela Bay officials. Trollip

The DA’s new Nelson Mandela Bay mayor’s cost-cutting spree continues, barring all city officials from using business or first class local air travel.

Athol Trollip

Athol Trollip has already become a thorn in the side of the now-opposition ANC in Nelson Mandela bay; following his decision to block a dodgy multi-million Rand deal signed by the former administration.

Continuing his commitment to spending money where it’s needed, Trollip has made it clear that he’s tightening the belt when it comes to officials’ spending habits.

“In an ongoing effort to cut costs, I have issued an instruction to prohibit all Business and First Class domestic air travel for Nelson Mandela Bay officials and public representatives. Under previous administrations, an excessive amount of money was spent on luxurious travel instead of on service delivery. Those days are over,” the mayor said in a statement.

While he realises the need for officials to travel locally, Trollip sees no justification for flying business or first class at the expense of the taxpayer.

“On occasion, it is necessary for officials and public representatives to travel in order to learn best practice for service delivery from other municipalities. From now on, this travel will be in Economy Class.”

Trollip recommitted himself to his campaign promise of saving R100 million in the first 100 days of his administration, proving that the former ANC government had the means to deliver, but chose not to.

“This government has made a promise to endeavour to secure R100 million in savings in our first 100 days, so that this can be redirected towards improving service delivery and growing the economy to create jobs.”