SAPS members test positive for COVID-19

Image via SAPS

NMU protests: Demand for free registration escalates into campus shutdown

Students and staff members at NMU have been denied access to campus on Monday.

SAPS members test positive for COVID-19

Image via SAPS

A faction of students from the Nelson Mandela University (NMU) in Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, has rendered the north and south campuses inoperable on Monday.

Watch: Protesters force students out of campus bus

The Port Elizabeth police, in a statement, confirmed that NMU campuses are closed due to the ongoing student protests.

At this time, the public order police unit has maintained visibility in the areas affected by the demonstration and have not interfered with protesters blocking campus entrances and denying access to all vehicles.

The video you will see below displays how the protesters have been using intimidation tactics to scare students and campus staff away from the campus with the ultimatum, “join us or stand aside but nobody is entering the premises today.”

Why are NMU students protesting?

NMU issued a statement on social media notifying students and staff members of the protests taking place outside the north and south campuses.

The institution claims to have not received any information from the protesters on why they have picketed at the entrances on Monday.

“The University is trying to ascertain the reasons for the blockade & will communicate updates,” the statement read.

However, according to observers on the ground, it is believed that the protests are linked to the registration process.

Although a memorandum of demands has yet to be furnished by the protesting students, it is believed that at the top of the list is free registration, as well as relaxed accommodation prerequisites.

This is a developing story.