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Nkosikho Mbele: Petrol attendant inspires R500 000 charity donation

A little bit of kindness goes a long way: Nkosikho Mbele proves that South Africans recognise good deeds, and his company Shell are also getting involved.

nkosikho mbele


The dose of good news and positivity South Africa needed has come from a Shell petrol attendant in Cape Town, whose selfless act sparked an outpouring of gratitude. When Nkosikho Mbele gave a motorist R100 out of his own pocket as she couldn’t pay for her fuel, he surely wouldn’t have been expecting a reaction like this.

Monet van Deventer – the driver in distress and account manager – used this inspirational story to launch a crowdfunding mission for Mbele, thanking him for his act of kindness. In a single weekend, Backabuddy noted that the campaign has raised over R400 000. But the charitable donations haven’t stopped there.

Nkosikho Mbele inspires another huge donation

Shell, the company Nkosikho Mbele works for, have also got wind of this epic deed. They have decided to nominate their honest worker for the Shell Service Awards – an international event that honours the employees representing the organisation in the best way possible.

Mbele will be whisked off to Tanzania later in the year to attend the award ceremony, crowning one of the most wonderful stories to emerge from Mzansi this year. In keeping with the petrol attendant’s own generosity, Shell have also confirmed they will give R500 000 to a charity of Mbele’s choice. His R100 really is the gift that keeps on giving:

“At Shell, we value the spirit of Ubuntu and are moved by the act of kindness by our service champion Nkosikho Mbele. You have inspired us to pay it forward! Shell South Africa is proud of you and we thank you for making customers’ journeys better.”

Hloniphizwe Mloto

Petrol attendant “to invest in education”

Nkosikho Mbele was given the good news by Shell’s South African Chair, Hloniphizwe Mloto. He gave the kind-hearted resident of Khayelitsha a call, informing him of the company’s gratitude. Somewhat overwhelmed by the gesture, Mbele said he’d have to “splash his face with water” first.

The most popular petrol attendant in the country has also vowed to store his money securely, and all cash raised for him is being managed in a Backabuddy account. Van Deventer has set the money up in a trust and will be able to regulate how Mbele spends the donations. His big ideas are already taking shape…

He’s promised to use the money to fund his children’s education – but if they follow the example set by their old man, they’re sure to be wise beyond their years.