Nine reasons why a Table Mountain Cable Card is a must in Cape Town

You can dodge the tourist queues in summer, take up special offers at the top and even surprise a loved one with a magic green card that makes the iconic summit your own for a whole year.

Avoid the pesky tourists

Cape Town 101, right? From being decapitated by a huge, swinging camera lens to being poked in the eye by the corner of one of those massive maps – it’s a nightmare in peak season.

Even if you’re a tourist yourself, the R640 annual pass (R325 for a child) will allow you to walk past your fellow queuing travellers with an ill-gotten sense of superiority.

It’s your dodgy weather safety net

So you’ve hiked up and are setting about a lovely wander around the mountain top, taking in those gobsmacking views of the Cape. Then the wind picks up, the clouds roll in and the end looks nigh.

But wait! Scramble to the cable station, flash your card like a pro and you won’t have to risk life and limb like Edmund Hillary on Everest.

See the sun set

Surprise your squeeze (or someone else of your choosing, if you must – we’re not judging) with a glide up to the summit and a glass of something nice while you watch the sun dip down into the Atlantic Ocean.

On your own? Well make it two glasses then.

Table Mountain Flickr- Daniel Manners Manners

You’re supporting an iconic Cape Town landmark

Did you know the cableway has been running since 1929? And can you imagine what kind of terrifying contraption was transporting people up and down back then?

Anyway, getting on for one million people make the pilgrimage every year to scale of of the planet’s most recognisable summits. They can’t all be wrong.

There’s more chance to explore up top

When you’ve just clambered to the Platteklip Gorge summit with all the zeal of a broken down badger with bronchitis, you’re not exactly going to be up for exploring what’s on offer.

Zip up in the cable car, however, and you can wander about with your joie de vivre in tact. Try the trail to Maclear’s Beacon or take advantage of a guided tour of the flora and fauna.

You’re saving precious water

As Cape Town runs dry every drop counts right now. No lecturing here, but put it this way: if your party of six saves on all that drinking water required by hiking up and down, you could pool that (wahey!) when you return home and share half a bath. You know it makes sense.

There are hidden bonuses to be had

Discounts can be yours at the Shop at the Top and at the Table Mountain Cafe (also at the top, but they didn’t want to overdo the naming thing).

“What are they?” we hear you ask. You’ll have to hit the summit and find out for yourself, otherwise they wouldn’t be ‘hidden bonuses’. Or just email them. They do email.

All of the fresh air, none of the exercise!

Now some may call this negative, but let’s get real: loads of us just can’t be bothered.

While everyone else bounds up and down the mountain face shrowded in fluorescent running paraphernalia, you can nip up and down in your sandles and be back on Kloof Street in time for a thoroughly unhealthy lunch.

It doesn’t even have to be for you

Switch the Birthday card for a Cable Card and treat someone you care about to the trip of a lifetime, not as a once-off but for every single day of the following year. If they’d like that sort of commitment, obviously.