Johnson & Johnson vaccines arrive map where 234

Photo: Bhekisia / Map screenshot

Map: SA’s new vaccines arrive TODAY – here’s where the first ones will go

Johnson & Johnson to the rescue: The first batch of vaccines that can comprehensively crush the new variant of COVID-19 are landing in SA on Tuesday.

Johnson & Johnson vaccines arrive map where 234

Photo: Bhekisia / Map screenshot

Right, shall we try again? Some two weeks after the doomed AstraZeneca consignment of vaccines landed in South Africa, the first batch of Johnson & Johnson jabs will make landfall later on Tuesday. We are expecting a much more successful attempt to start our mass vaccination programme this time, given that J&J shots DO work against the new virus strain.

How many vaccines is SA getting from Johnson & Johnson?

Just a week after landing in SA, studies showed the AstraZeneca vaccine was successful in stopping severe cases of COVID-19, and played a role in preventing high numbers of deaths. However, its efficacy against the more common and milder versions was barely above 20%. Regulators need that number to be above 50% to approve a vaccine’s usage.

Well, here we are. Johnson & Johnson inoculations have a 67% efficacy rate against the 501Y.V2 variant, which has become dominant in South Africa. A total of 80 000 vaccines will arrive this afternoon, before being distributed to 16 different sites on Wednesday. Nine million more of these jabs are expected to be with us ‘by March’.

When will the first vaccine be administered in South Africa?

The attempts to get the vaccination rollout back on track have been largely successful. Healthcare workers will be the first to get jabbed, before the net is cast wider for other citizens. According to health experts Bhekisia, these first 80 000 shots will have their efficacy tested as part of an ongoing study:

“Eighty thousand Johnson & Johnson jabs will touch down at OR Tambo International Airport today and be distributed to 16 sites across the country where healthcare workers will be vaccinated. This marks the start of South Africa’s new, adjusted vaccine roll-out plan, where jabs will be given as part of an implementation study conducted by the Health Department.”

“The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the only jab – at least so far – for which we have clinical trial data on the kind of protection it provides against severe COVID-19 disease caused by the new variant, 501Y.V2, first found in South Africa.”

Interactive map: Where are Johnson & Johnson jabs going?

We’re big nerds at TheSouthAfrican, and when we get a set of data like this, we enjoy making a song and dance out of it. This interactive map highlights where the first jabs will go in South Africa, over the next 24 hours. Every province will receive its opening batch, and the Chris Hani Hospital in Gauteng gets the largest shipment, with 11 080 doses inbound.

All 16 vaccination sites listed…

Northern Cape:

  • – Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe Hospital, 3 020 doses.

Free State:

  • – Universitas Hospital, 3 800 doses.

North West:

  • – Klerksdorp Tshepong Tetriary Hospital, 5 760 doses.
  • – Job Shimankana Tabane Hospital, 2 640 doses.


  • Witbank Hospital, 1 640 doses.
  • – Rob Ferreira Hospital, 2 000 doses.


  • – Mankweng Hospital, 3 080 doses.


  • Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, 11 080 doses.
  • Steve Biko Academic Hospital, 5 720 doses.


  • – Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital, 5 760 doses.
  • – Prince Mshiyeni Memorial Hospital, 5 040 doses.

Western Cape:

  • – Groote Schuur Hospital, 5 760 doses.
  • – Tygerberg Hospital, 7 400 doses.

Eastern Cape:

  • – Nelson Mandela Academic Hospital, 4 920 doses
  • – Livingstone Hospital, 3 200 doses