Nel: ‘Reeva doesn’t have a lif

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel

Nel: ‘Reeva doesn’t have a life any more because of what you did’

Nel’s aggressive cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius continued in the North Gauteng High Court on Wednesday afternoon.

Nel: ‘Reeva doesn’t have a lif

Prosecutor Gerrie Nel


Oscar Pistorius was back on the stand on Wednesday afternoon as state prosecutor Gerrie Nel continued his cross-examination. Nel began by referring to the fact that in his bail application Pistorius referred to contamination of the crime scene and claimed that is why he chose to plead not guilty, but Pistorius argued that he pleaded not guilty because “what I am accused of did not happen.”

Pistorius also argued that the tampering of the scene only became apparent when his defence team examined the crime scene pictures and found “massive inconsistencies.” Pistorius claimed that just some of the things that had been moved during the crime scene investigation were cellphones, the gun, the cricket bat, discs, the curtains and the duvet. He said that an outline of blood showed the phone had been moved, and there were also numerous people moving around the property not wearing the correct protective clothing. One of the officers was also pictured unplugging a fan to plug his cell phone in.

Pistorius also made a slip of the tongue which he then had to correct when he said he had “re-worked” evidence with his defence team when he meant to say “worked on” evidence with his defence team.

After arguing for a while with Pistorius about the possible locations of the fans and discrepancies between the defendant’s bail explanation and what he was now claiming, Nel then changed the subject to Pistorius’ use of the word “accident”, asking: “You referred to this incident or this occurrence as an accident, is that correct?” Pistorius replied: “The accident was that I discharged my firearm in the belief that an intruder was coming out to attack me.” He added that he didn’t intend to discharge his firearm because he “didn’t have time to think about what (he) was doing.”

When asked by Nel whether he was thinking about the implications of his answers, Pistorius said “of course” because they would affect the rest of his life. “But Reeva doesn’t have a life any more because of what you did,” Nel replied. “Please answer and don’t think of implications for you.”

The trial continues.