N2 Cape Town protests

Photo: Rob Beezy / Twitter

N2 Cape Town latest: Two dead as motorists attempt to flee fiery protests [video]

A violent round of protest action gripped parts of the N2 Cape Town on Tuesday night, spilling over into Wednesday morning. Here’s what we know so far.

N2 Cape Town protests

Photo: Rob Beezy / Twitter

Tuesday night would provide a scene of devastation and carnage on one of the busiest roads in the Mother City. The N2 Cape Town route from the Borcherds Quarry exit and the R300 Interchange was shut down to road users, after violent protests sparked panic and fear amongst motorists.

Vehicles were pelted with stones, and another bus was set on fire in Philippi – the third such attack in the town within two weeks. Petrol bombs reigned down on traffic enforcement units, with at least one police car being torched.

N2 Cape Town protests updates: Two people dead in aftermath

According to the Western Cape Government, two people lost their lives during a multiple vehicle crash at the corner of Lansdowne and Symphony Way earlier this morning. A Quantum, Opel Astra, VW panel van collided on the outskirts of Philippi, which has been blighted by violence this month

Residents first took to the streets to voice their discontent on Wednesday 12 June, but those grumbles soon turned into life-threatening protest action. Angered locals torched three vehicles on Eisleben Road.

The trouble in Philippi

A Golden Arrow bus, a truck belonging to the City of Cape Town and a car belonging to a private security company were all targeted in one evening. On Monday, another bus belonging to the same company was also gutted by fire – it’s estimated the cost to the city could reach R5 million to replace these services.

Desperate to avoid the chaos on the besieged N2 Cape Town route, some motorists even took their chances on the opposite side of the road to get out of the way. The carriageways had been closed in both directions.

N2 Cape Town traffic latest news for Wednesday 26 June

On Wednesday morning, the roads in and around the airport had been re-opened – under heavy police guard. The only disruption to report for the rush hour was a stationary bus in the far-right lane of the N2 inbound, just before the exit for Bunga. Apart from that, the highway is clear.