Orania skilled workers

Photo: EPOG Argief / Flickr

‘It’s a landslide’ – here’s how Orania voted in the 2021 Elections

While the ANC and EFF got a combined total of zero votes from the residents of Orania, there was only ever going to be one winner here…

Orania skilled workers

Photo: EPOG Argief / Flickr

No votes for the ANC, no votes for the EFF, and no votes for the Patriotic Alliance. The Orania Town Hall ballot, rather predictably, was only going one way – and the FF Plus has stormed to a massive majority in this region.

Local Elections 2021: Here’s how Orania voted

As well as hosting their individual Representative Council ballot this week, the Town Hall vote brings in political parties who are competing on a national level. Orania and the FF Plus have a very comfortable relationship together, given that the party openly supports the whites-only town in its quest for self-determination.

In total, there were seven parties to choose from on the ballot, but only three received any support. The DA came second, after securing 32 votes and 10.6% of the ballot. The ACDP finished in third place, with a meagre five votes. But, after securing 265 votes out of a possible 302, the FF Plus romped home with 87.75% of public support.

Orania voting map: FF Plus stroll home

orania ff plus
The FF Plus secured almost nine of every ten votes cast in Orania – Photo: IEC

To exist, or not to exist? That is the question

Orania, so often the subject of intense public debate, has had its right to exist called into question during this election cycle. Panyaza Lesufi, the Gauteng Education MEC, said the town ‘must go’ if South Africa is to progress past its racially-problematic history. However, the public remains divided on the enclave’s future.

Back in 2019, eyebrows were raised when the EFF secured 3.7% of the vote in Orania – a seemingly improbable outcome, considering their wildly differing politics. However, in national elections, you don’t have to vote at your nearest polling station – and the Red Berets sent down a delegation to register their presence in the town.

No local residents voted for the EFF back then, and they certainly didn’t this time around. In fact, this district is one of the most one-sided in South Africa, and it’s unlikely anyone will ever dislodge the FF Plus’ grip on Orania.