Herman Mashaba ActionSA Elvis Nyati

Herman Mashaba lead ActionSA to an impressive electoral performance last year – Photo: ActionSA / Twitter

Mashaba magic: Here’s how ActionSA have ‘kicked ass’ in this election

ActionSA are set to be a MAJOR results disruptor across several key municipal regions – as voters rush to support Herman Mashaba’s party.

Herman Mashaba ActionSA Elvis Nyati

Herman Mashaba lead ActionSA to an impressive electoral performance last year – Photo: ActionSA / Twitter

It’s still early days at this point, but it looks as though Herman Mashaba’s return to politics has been a success. With the first set of election results trickling in on Tuesday, there are still plenty of twists and turns ahead. But ActionSA has made an immediate impact on voters, it would appear…

Election results: How has ActionSA done?

The Mashaba-led organisation is concentrating on key battles in several municipalities, where it’s believed that ActionSA can pull off some shock results. Their national vote numbers will therefore remain low, but this isn’t the best metric to decide just how well ‘The Green Mamba’ is doing in these elections.

Just look at Johannesburg this morning: The first batch of election results for the metro have ActionSA sitting on more than 20% of the vote, less than 10% behind the DA, and only 11% away from the ANC. Should this trend continue, the party will be the obvious kingmaker in a city that Herman Mashaba ruled as mayor, just two years ago.

2021 Local Elections: Where is ActionSA winning?

They are currently the outright leaders in Wards 60, 92, and 114 in Johannesburg – and their early success became rather apparent overnight, when ActionSA bagged its first-ever voting district. They nicked Kwadukuza Ward 15 off the DA, making some official inroads into KwaZulu-Natal. Similar scenes were witnessed back in Jozi…

Mashaba’s gang displaced the ANC in a Protea Glen voting district, proving that they do have the strength in some areas to outmuscle the big boys. Their flying start to this election hasn’t gone unnoticed, and Phumzile Van Damme was unapologetic in her assessment of ActionSA – claiming that they have ‘kicked ass’ so far…

“I’ll die on this hill, I don’t care… ActionSA has kicked ass. They ran a damn good campaign and dominated social media. They were on the ground way before other parties. Oh, to be a fly on the wall as parties grovel for coalitions.”

Phumzile Van Damme

Dream debut for Mashaba’s party

Dawie Scholtz, a leading election expert, has also sung the praises of ActionSA, after he highlighted some of the key areas where Herman Mashaba and his colleagues have excelled.

  • Both suburban AND township voters are backing ActionSA in their numbers.
  • The white vote is throwing its weight behind the party in Johannesburg, with up to 20% putting their faith in Mashaba.
  • Early signs suggest ActionSA are hurting BOTH the ANC and DA, by taking votes away from them.
  • With Soweto trends suggesting a move away from the ANC, ActionSA are in play here, too.