somila mlisana mthatha woman

Photo: Twitter / @SomilaMlisana

Mthatha woman recounts how she narrowly escaped abduction [video]

Fortunately, a second to recognise the danger was all the time she needed to escape what could have been rape or murder.

somila mlisana mthatha woman

Photo: Twitter / @SomilaMlisana

To say that women in South Africa are living in fear is a gross understatement. Somila Mlisana’s story — a woman from Mthatha — will, if anything, raise the hairs on the back of your neck.

Who is Somila Mlisana?

Twitter user, @SomilaMlisana is a woman from the Eastern Cape.

While we do not have a lot of information on her background, the thread she posted on the horror she experienced allows us to believe that she is from Mthatha, the main town of the King Sabata Dalindyebo Local Municipality in the Eastern Cape.

Mthatha: What happened to her?

In her thread, Mlisana told a story that sent shockwaves through the Twitter community. It is a story very few women live to tell. Mlisana had just got out of the taxi at a junction in Southridge Park when she was chased by an unknown male.

“He came out of nowhere. Luckily, I heard him pop up out the bushes and [I] ran for my life back to the tar road,” she wrote.

Mlisana recalled that as she was running for her life, she saw a rock whizz past her. Fortunately, as she was gaining distance from the unknown man, his attempt to clobber her with a rock failed.

In a fit of despair, Mlisana said that she lost her footing and fell to the ground.

“Luckily, I was already close to the tar road when I fell and he stopped chasing me [because] I was gonna stop cars passing by and I did. I’ve never screamed that loud in my life. Pee running down my legs,” she added.

Fortunately, concerned motorists stopped to assist Mlisana who, at that moment, could barely keep her composure.

She was later taken to the house of a lady who had picked her up, and her father was contacted and informed of what had happened.

“My Dad and I went back to the shortcut I was taking and my shoes and umbrella [were] gone,” she said, suggesting that they had been taken by the unknown man.

What we know about the suspect

From the information she shared in her thread, the only thing we know about the suspect is that he is a tall male that was wearing a dark blue hoodie and a black beanie.

According to Mlisana, he chased her with a thick tree branch in his hand. Fortunately, she survived what she believes could have been rape and murder.

The lady who helped Mlisana issued a warning to all women living in the area around Southridge Park to be cautious when travelling by taxi in the evening.