Tom Moyane SARS

Tom Moyane file photo

Judge Nugent advises Ramaphosa to fire SARS commissioner Tom Moyane immediately

Judge Robert Nugent has delivered a fiery interim report on the issues facing SARS to President Ramaphosa.

Tom Moyane SARS

Tom Moyane file photo

President Cyril Ramaphosa should waste no more time in firing suspended South African Revenue Service (SARS) commissioner Tom Moyane.

This is the advice given by Judge Robert Nugent, who is tasked with overseeing an investigation into the gross mismanagement plaguing SARS. Moyane forms part of this corruptive rot which has been uncovered by Nugent’s inquiry.

But Moyane is also in the hot seat of a disciplinary hearing headed by Advocate Azhar Bham, which is tasked with deciding the disgraced commissioner’s fate at SARS.

Tom Moyane dubbed a “calamity for SARS”

The most recent recommendations made by Nugent form part of the inquiry’s interim report, which has been delivered to Ramaphosa, and has been covered by Times Live. According to the report, Ramaphosa should fire Moyane immediately as the first step to fixing the problems plaguing SARS. Nugent’s report states:

“We stress that the replacement of Mr Moyane is not a panacea, but only the first necessary measure without which there is no possibility of rectifying the damage that has been done to Sars, and any further recommendations will be fruitless.

We are aware that disciplinary proceedings are pending against Mr Moyane but we consider that to be irrelevant to our recommendation. Our concern is not disciplinary transgression but instead the management of SARS.”

Moyane has been embroiled in numerous nefarious dealings during his tenure at SARS. His toxic transactions connected to former president Jacob Zuma, coupled with his kleptocratic captaincy of SARS, led Nugent to describe his time at the helm as a ‘calamity’, saying:

“The day Mr Moyane took office was a calamity for Sars. Almost immediately, and then continuously for the next eighteen months, Sars was thrown into turmoil with tragic consequences for the lives of many people, tragic consequences for the reputation of Sars and tragic consequences for the country at large.”

Moyane’s absence from the Nugent inquiry

Moyane, however, has rubbished claims that he brought the organisation into disrepute. In fact, another point of contention addressed in Nugent’s letter was the fact that Monyane had completely snubbed the commission of inquiry into the mismanagement at SARS. In a fiercely worded retort, Nugent added:

“It is perfectly clear that Mr Moyane has no intention of engaging with the commission of confronting the evidence that has been presented and has no intention of accounting for his tenure as commissioner of Sars. That is not the character of a person fit to lead a vital public institution.”

Khusela Diko, Ramaphosa’s spokesperson, confirmed that the president had received Nugent’s letter of recommendation.

Eric Mabuza, Moyane’s lawyer, flippantly dismissed the report, saying:

“I don’t know what report because remember, we didn’t participate in the Nugent Inquiry.”

The commission’s hearings are expected to continue this week, with a final report on the matter expected to be completed in December.