Mathole Motshekga

African National Congress MP Mathole Motshekga / Source: GCIS/Flickr

Motshekga: ‘My husband is not linked to PPE tenders’

The basic education department has labelled claims that Mathole Motshekga has been supplying sanitisers to schools, as not true and totally malicious

Mathole Motshekga

African National Congress MP Mathole Motshekga / Source: GCIS/Flickr

The Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga is the latest office bearer to refute allegations of family members being involved in the procurement of personal protective equipment (PPE).

Motshekga has this time come to her husband, fellow African National Congress (ANC) MP Mathole Motshekga after claims on social media that he had been tangled in the production of sanitisers to schools.

In a statement on Wednesday, 11 August 2020, the department of basic education said the allegations are not true and totally malicious.

“Dr Mathole Motshekga, husband to Minister Angie Motshekga, does not own, or plan to own, a factory that produces or supplies sanitisers or personal protective equipment to schools. In his own right, Dr Motshekga is a politician and a long-standing Member of Parliament”, it said.

The department further said Mathole was a professor of law and political science who spent his time reading, writing and giving local and international lectures on African heritage.

‘Desperate and far-fetched lies’

The department has also hit back at claims that the Kara Institute, which was founded by the minister’s husband, was selling books to schools.

“The institute is not a commercial business and has no interest whatsoever in making business with government, let alone the department of basic education. These allegations made against Dr Motshekga, which attempt to link minister Angie Motshekga to corruption regarding the Covid-19 tender procurement for sanitisers, are desperate and far-fetched lies that should be ignored”, the department continued.

The department said that Motshekga condemned all forms of corruption and has repeatedly made the point that having an education is the only way to reverse poverty.

‘Schools do not only provide an education, but it is an important institution that provides for the holistic well-being of children. Long absence from school puts younger children at a high risk of social decadence and delinquent behaviours such as crime, drug addition and unplanned pregnancies, hence it is important to keep children in school for as long as possible”, Motshekga is quoted as saying.

Gauteng Premier David Makhura was also accused of being involved in the procurement of PPE tenders. A number of social media posts alleged that Makhura’s wife and an alleged mistress, had scored lucrative contracts.

The premier subsequently denied the claims and said he would be pursuing legal action.

“The allegations are false and will not pass scrutiny. The same social media post makes allegations about an inappropriate relationship (“side chick”) between the Premier and the official who has resigned from the department of health”, Makhura’s office said.