Mother bruised

The facially bruised toddler from Tembisa. Photo: VOT.

Mother demands answers over bruised baby at school

Not sure whether she was beaten up or she fell, but the mother of a bruised 12-month-old demands answers from a crèche in Tembisa

Mother bruised

The facially bruised toddler from Tembisa. Photo: VOT.

A mother from Tembisa on the East Rand is demanding answers from an early childhood development centre where her 12-month-old child was picked up with bruises all over her face.

Photos of the bruised toddler emerged on social media initially suggesting that the baby had been beaten at the creche until she died last Friday, 24 Friday.

However, this week these allegations were cleared by the owner of Asikhuleni Educare Centre Francina Ngwepe who spoke to The Voice of Tembisa FM about what transpired on the day of the incident.

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MaNgwepe, who’s been running the crèche for over 20 years, told the trusted community radio station the baby did not die, but fell. She also refuted claims of anyone laying hands on the baby.


The heartbroken mother Michelle explained the condition she found the baby under.

“When I came back from school to fetch the baby, I was told that the baby fell but nothing was done about it until I came to fetch the baby. When I took the baby to the local hospital with the bruises and blue eye, I was informed that the baby fractures her nasal bone but it will heal in due time,” she explained.

She also explained that the crèche was also confronted by the father of the baby but the school maintained its innocence.

After the confrontation, she told the VOT that she went to open a case against the crèche at the local police station and she now trusts the police to help her find answers about what happened to her bundle of joy.

This is a developing story.