blade nzimande road accidents

Transport Minister, Blade Nzimande.

‘Molefe’s reappointment is perverse, the ANC will suffer in the end’ – Nzimande

The Minister of Higher Education is not a happy camper lately.

blade nzimande road accidents

Transport Minister, Blade Nzimande.

The national Imbizo held by the SACP today has made more than one deadline. SA Communist party general secretary Blade Nzimande spoke out strongly against his own ANC (he serves on Zuma’s cabinet as Minister of Higher Education).

Nzimande first turned his attention to the news that Brian Molefe had been reinstated as ESKOM CEO. Molefe was previously implicated in the state capture report for his multiple meetings and conversations with the Guptas. Then he was the extremely controversial 1st choice of President Zuma to replace Pravin Gordhan as Finance Minister.

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Only after extreme objections from ANC and alliance members did Zuma settle on Malusi Gigaba. Molefe was effectively extremely damaged goods as an ANC MP, yet somehow he has now ended up back at Eskom. The ANC have even publically condemned the decision to reinstate Molefe, it really makes you wonder who is running the show here?

Nzimande went on a scathing attack against the decision.

“That’s perverse. We can’t allow perversion… Who will suffer in the end? It’s the ANC‚ We have nothing against Brian personally. We are against wrong things.”

Molefe openly admitted that private interests were “corrupting and factionalising” the ruling party.

“Something like an alien substance has found its way into our movement… this includes the rise of private interests… this is our immediate enemy

“Part of radical economic transformation must be to defeat these parasitic networks that are eating our state. You can’t separate the two.”

Nzimande then took a not so subtle shot against ANC leaders who “condemn” speaking out publically. Of course, he managed to keep it linked with the Molefe saga.

“We are told we musn’t talk about the ANC… These princes who get sworn into parliament and after a few months they go back to Eskom.”