Joslin Smith

Joslin Smith, the missing six-year-old. Image: SA News.

Misinformation complicates search for missing Joslin Smith

Western Cape’s SAPS confronts misinformation in search for missing Joslin Smith, hindering efforts to locate the six-year-old.

Joslin Smith

Joslin Smith, the missing six-year-old. Image: SA News.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) in the Western Cape faces a challenging hurdle in their search for six-year-old Joslin Smith due to rampant misinformation.

Various communications surrounding the case contain a mix of valuable information and misleading content, making the investigation more difficult.

“We’re encountering a combination of misinformation, half-truths, and misleading information,” a spokesperson for the Western Cape SAPS branch stated.

Despite this challenge, the SAPS reiterates its commitment to locating Joslin and ensuring her safe return.

SAPS deploys specialised resources for investigation

Since Joslin’s disappearance, the SAPS has deployed specialised resources and personnel to lead the investigation.

The team comprises dedicated investigators from various units, supported by members of visible policing and specialised units, as well as assistance from other law enforcement agencies and community members.

However, civilian support, while welcomed, must be properly coordinated and comply with legal protocols. As the lead agency mandated to handle such cases, the SAPS emphasises the importance of adhering to investigative principles.

“We’re applying the required principles of investigations to unfold the case and take appropriate legal action,” the spokesperson added.

SAPS resolute in search for Joslin Smith amid misinformation

Despite the challenges posed by misinformation, the SAPS remains resolute in its determination to find Joslin and bring her home safely.

Every effort is being made to locate the missing girl, and the SAPS urges the public to provide any credible information that could aid in the search.