Minister Cele said police officers must fight for their lives whenever necessary.

Minister of Polic, Bheki Cele. Image: X/@SAPoliceService

Minister Cele commends police officers’ aggressive response to crime

Minister Cele commends officers’ aggressive crime-fighting tactics, ensuring swift response and effective law enforcement measures.

Minister Cele said police officers must fight for their lives whenever necessary.

Minister of Polic, Bheki Cele. Image: X/@SAPoliceService

Police Minister Bheki Cele asserted the unapologetic stance of law enforcement in their robust crackdown on crime, emphasising their recent successes in intercepting and neutralising criminal activities.

Speaking at a press conference in Pretoria on Sunday, Cele highlighted the recent achievements of the South African Police Service (SAPS) in apprehending armed and dangerous gangs that have instilled terror in communities.

Minister Cele unveils interception of 11 suspected terrorists in Mariannhill

Cele revealed that a group of 11 individuals terrorising the Mariannhill community in KwaZulu-Natal was intercepted. Resulting in the shooting and subsequent death of nine suspects during the arrest.

Additionally, over 20 would-be cash-in-transit (CIT) robbers in Witbank, Mpumalanga, were thwarted in their tracks. This was through coordinated efforts between police and private security personnel.

During confrontations with law enforcement, five suspects lost their lives in gunfire exchanges while attempting to evade arrest, while eight were successfully apprehended.

However, nine others managed to escape. Indicating the audacious and ruthless nature of these criminals who spare no one in their pursuit of unlawful activities.

“Criminals have declared war on our communities, brazenly challenging the authority of the State by targeting police officers,” Cele stated.

Minister affirms strong backing for police operations in safer communities drive

He reiterated the Ministry’s unwavering support for police operations aimed at fostering safer communities.

Minister Cele issued a stern warning to criminals, affirming that those who resist arrest will face dire consequences. He reassured the public of law enforcement’s commitment to safeguarding communities and vehemently combating criminality.

The rejuvenation of the SAPS Crime Intelligence Division highlights a proactive approach to tackling organised crime. Additionally, reinforcement of intervention units and tactical response teams further strengthens law enforcement efforts. This underscores the government’s commitment to combating criminal activities effectively.

Minister Cele emphasised the resolve of law enforcement officers to defend both their own lives and those of innocent civilians whenever necessary.