drug cape town

Photo: SAPS

Million-rand drug bust: Cape Town police deal a huge blow to druglords

Authorities found a large stash of substances worth R1.2 million.

drug cape town

Photo: SAPS

The police in Cape Town have been applauded for their collaborative work in zeroing in on a massive drug operation in the city’s West Coast region.

Is there a drug pandemic in Cape Town?

Most of the problems in Cape Town stem from the excessive use of drugs in the city. In most cases, gang violence is the result of turf squabbles.

A report compiled by Dr Don Pinnock, a journalist and fellow researcher at the University of Cape Town’s (UCT) Centre for Criminology, suggests that one way of ending the violence in Cape Town is by decriminalising drug trade.

“Drug market regulation is a pragmatic position that involves rolling out strict government control into a marketplace where currently there is none. And in Cape Town, it will have far greater positive ramifications than using the army to stop drug wars,” Pinnock wrote.

While this observation opens up a great dialogue about how drugs are the catalyst to violence in Cape Town, our law enforcement officers have the tough duty of protecting the public from the impact of these substances.

Table View storage facility littered with millions worth of illicit substances

That is why it is celebrated when a drug bust operation yields great positives, especially if the drugs confiscated remove millions of rand from the syndicate’s pot.

According to police spokesperson Sergeant Noxolo Rwexana, the recent drug bust in Table View, led by SAPS’ Organised Crime Unit and a tactical unit from the Cape Town Metro police’s, “stopped drug dealers in their tracks and dealt a massive blow to the drug trade in the province.”

Rwexana confirmed that on Saturday, the team of officers closed in on a storage facility in Table View, following tip-offs about a unit that kept millions worth of illicit drugs.

Sure enough, when the facility was searched, officers found:

  • 23 400 mandrax tablets; and
  • Swazi gold dagga.

Preliminary estimates suggest that the drugs were worth at least R1.2 million. A 35-year-old male was placed under arrest and slammed with drug-related charges.

Rwexana indicated that the fight to remove drugs from our streets continues and every arrest, big or small, is a step closer to creating a drug-free society.

“Members attached to Operation Lockdown acted on information about drug dealing in the Mfuleni area. The members approached three suspects and caught them with Mandrax tablets and Crystal Meth worth a substantial amount. The suspects aged 27, 31 and 35 will appear in the Blue Downs Magistrate’s Court tomorrow,” she said.

Western Cape top cop Lieutenant General Yolisa Matakata commended the members for their commitment “to ensure drugs dealers are brought to book.”