Men's fashion football shirts

Men’s fashion football shirts Image credit: X @KelceFashion

Men’s fashion tips: How to wear a football shirt on a date

Looking to wear a football shirt to a date and not be judged? We’ve got some men’s fashion tips to help you pull it off!

Men's fashion football shirts

Men’s fashion football shirts Image credit: X @KelceFashion

We’ve put together some men’s fashion tips for the gents who simply want to look stylish while wearing their favourite team’s football shirt!

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A quick search on social media will tell you everything you need to know. Nowadays, it’s no longer acceptable for guys to rock up on dates wearing football shirts (even if their team is playing that day!). On more than one occasion, someone has taken to social media to complain about a man wearing a football shirt to a date. In summary, football shirts are viewed as “low-effort” fashion items, especially when considering the amount of effort their female counterparts would have put into their own outfits.

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But what if we told you there was a was? In our quest to bring relevant men’s fashion hacks, we’ve found a workaround that will allow you to support your team, and look like you put enough effort into your outfit for your date.


This football short rhetoric has left our poor gentlemen struggling to find alternative men’s fashion tips to try and style it up. Thankfully, we’ve found a solution: Blokecore.

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Originating in the UK, blokecore is a type of fashion trend that incorpates comfort and functionality while still being able to look stylish and accessorized. One of the biggest proponents of this men’s fashion trend is footballer, Hector Bellerin who began styling his football shirts with oversized fits and baggy jeans. Take a look at a few examples:


If you’ve reached this point, chances are you’re interested in men’s fashion and stepping up your own personal style. Here are three tips to successfully pulling off blokecore attire with your favourite football shirts.

  1. Consider loose, baggy and oversized fits: Blokecore at its essence is about comfort and functionality. Don’t restrict yourself with hard-to-move in fits.
  2. Match your football shirt with a few elements in your outfit: If you’re going for a Borussia Dortmund shirt (which has lots of yellow and black) consider some sneakers with similar colourways and perhaps one or two yellow or black accessories.
  3. Speaking of accessories: When it comes to men’s fashion, you should know that accessories are everything. Watches, chains, rings, hats and other accessories can elevate your outfit from average football fan to blokecore fashionista.

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With these men’s fashion tips in your arsenal (heh), you should be able to rock your football shirt and impress your date at the same time. All the best!