Medical marijuana could be leg

Medical marijuana could be legal in SA by end of Feb

For many medical experts this is a step in the right direction.

Medical marijuana could be leg

In a 2014 parliamentary debate IFP MP Mario Ambrosini pleaded with President Zuma to legalise marijuana use for medical purposes. Ambrosini was suffering from Stage 4 lung cancer and has since passed on.

The IFP continued to push for the legalisation in the years since, now it seems their hard work could soon pay off. Speaking on the Cape Talk morning show, the IFP says that they have received a letter confirming that the medicines Control Council last week presented its findings to the council.

The group will then publish their proposals and guidelines for public comment.  This means that it is possible that medical marijuana could then be legal by the end of this month. The IFP were keen to stress that their push for the legalisation is and always has been to help those suffering from terminal diseases.

“I think there is a bit of a misconception with a number of people that have seen this on social media – that there is going to be a ‘free for all’. It is certainly not a free for all, it’s a point of departure for government is that ‘okay let us accept that we need to research the efficacy of these products for pain relief.” – Narend Singh IFP Chief Whip

For many, this news is a massive step in the right direction. Cancer patients in most first world countries can get access to medical marijuana. If someone is suffering from terrible pain and close to death, surely they deserve any bit of relief they can get.