Mcebo Dlamini

Mcebo Dlamini weighs in on women judging Dr Nandipha. Photo: Mcebo Dlamini/ Twitter @Am_Blujay

Mcebo Dlamini: “Dr Nandipha fell for what a lot of women WANT”

Mcebo Dlamini says those judging Dr Nandipha are no different as some are dating drug dealers, armed robbers, heist, and ATM bombers etc.

Mcebo Dlamini

Mcebo Dlamini weighs in on women judging Dr Nandipha. Photo: Mcebo Dlamini/ Twitter @Am_Blujay

Mcebo Dlamini, the former Fees Must Fall activist, has warned women not to be quick to judge Dr Nandipha Magudumana because some are dating guys with similar traits as Thabo Bester.


He said, “It is funny that a lot of young and old women out here are saying that they don’t know neither nor understand what got into Nandipha Magudumana’s head for her to fall for a hardened criminal with all her beauty and education”.

“These are the same people who are dating corrupt, criminals masquerading as political leaders…”

Mcebo Dlamini

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He added that others are no different to Dr Nandipha as they are dating drug dealers, armed robbers, heist men, and ATM bombers etc.

“The problem here is not beauty and brains but uncontrollable appetite and love for money, opulence, SOFT LIFE, extravagant lifestyle…

Very quick to judge meanwhile they are all doing the same thing just that shit has not hit the fan yet. They are also living a flamboyant life through the proceeds of crime,” Mcebo Dlamini cautioned.


He continued, “The story of Nandipha Magudumana is a constant reminder of how people are in general. This story must make you ask yourself if the people around you whom you call friends will be there for you should shit hit the fan. Will they stand by you when it is no longer fashionable and they have nothing to benefit from you? Or they will be the 1st to deny knowing you. And they will be leading the mob that vilifies and castigate you as the worse human”.

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“Lesson here is surround yourself with true friends. In most cases, you will never find those friends in celebrity circles, entertainment industry, and comrades. They laugh with you while waiting for your downfall,” said Dlamini.

Dlamini further questioned the friends Dr Nandipha had in the entertainment circle.

“Look at all the celebrities and politicians who were with Nandipha and enjoying her opulence and benefiting from her network today they don’t know her they can’t even be there for her children as friends while she goes down to serve time because she does need to serve time. That is a fact,” Dlamini raised critical questions.

Dr Nandipha will be returning to court on 17 April for bail application.

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