mbali ntuli DA

Mbali Ntuli. Photo: DA

Mbali Ntuli fires back as Jimmy Manyi advises DA politician to ‘quit now’

The African Transformation Movement (ATM) leader urged Ntuli to ‘quit now’, adding she was being set up for failure.

mbali ntuli DA

Mbali Ntuli. Photo: DA

Barely a week after announcing her candidacy for the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) leadership, Ntuli has faced backlash from Manyi. 

In a single tweet, Manyi listed four reasons why the former DA youth leader wasn’t qualified to take on current interim leader Johan Steenhuisen and Gauteng leader John Moodey.

Mbali Ntuli campaign ‘missing key elements’

Manyi said Ntuli’s campaign was missing key elements, including black people who were conscious and that her candidacy would lend credence to Steenhuisen. 

Fiery response

In response, Ntuli fired back at Manyi, tweeting that she operates under her own prerogative and Steenhuisen was legitimate on his own, based on his position as interim leader. 

What led to Manyi’s jab at Ntuli?

Manyi’s jab towards Ntuli was prompted by an interview the KwaZulu-Natal legislature member did with Independent Media. In it, Ntuli slams her party for treating President Cyril Ramaphosa with kid gloves. 

As Manyi noted in his critique against Ntuli, it is understood that former DA leader Mmusi Maimane was pushed out for taking a harsh stance towards Ramaphosa who is said to be viewed favourably by some members of the DA for his pro-business attitude.  

“Where people do good, you must give credit, but I do not believe that the ANC is salvageable. I do not believe that Cyril Ramaphosa is the president we need. I don’t think he is strong and I don’t think he has any direction he is leading the country in. He is, as far as I am concerned, somebody who is just another ANC leader. Quite frankly, Cyril is part of the problem, the ANC is part of the problem,” Ntuli said.

Drafting a ‘new way’

Speaking to SABC News, Ntuli said her campaign was different in that she was drafting a “new way” which would not shy away from asking the current leadership tough questions.

She said she was the best person for the role because she had 12 years experience and had built branches in areas, such as townships and informal settlements where the DA had not existed before. 

 On claims that black individuals in the DA were not taken seriously, Ntuli stated that was not the case. 

“I don’t think that’s true, I think people are individuals and they get taken seriously on their own merits and strengths. I do think our party has been quite wishy-washy in some things and that has made us seem like we don’t know what we’re trying to do.

“I think it’s a fallacy to say that this is along racial lines. There are many people who are unhappy across provinces, generations and racial backgrounds,” she said.