Mantashe says Pretoria High Sc

Mantashe says Pretoria High School’s hair policy reminds him of ‘pencil test’

ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe isn’t all that comfortable with what’s going on at the Pretoria High School for Girls.

Mantashe says Pretoria High Sc

Earlier this week the school made headlines for its hair policy, insisting that black girls straighten their hair and, according to some of the girls, discouraging them from being themselves.

The ANC in the meantime has spoken out against the incident, saying that South Africans need to work together if we’re going to get rid of racism in our society.

Panyaza Lesufi, Gauteng’s education MEC, has since insisted that the school review its policies and Mantashe also voiced his concerns with the policy, adding that it reminded him of the pencil test non-whites were put through during apartheid.

“One’s race was proven by pulling a pen through your hair. We can’t go through that again. If a young child wants to have braids, let that child have the braids.”