Man tells of horror attack of

Man tells of horror attack of assailants wanting his body parts

Creepy AF.

Man tells of horror attack of

In today’s edition of WTF news, here’s a story about a man claiming he was attacked for his body parts.

We’ve all heard the story. Guy wakes up in an ice bath, painkillers and note next to it. He slides his hand down his back and feels the stitches: somebody has harvested his kidneys.

Well, Mzwandile Ntuli claims he has lived a version of that horror.

In an exclusive interview with TimesLive, the 27-year old reveals how he as bundled into the boot of a car and woke up in a strange bathroom in Albertville.

Neighbours heard his screams and came to his aid.

TimesLive reports:

“They stripped me naked and told me that today (Friday) was my last day‚ I should pray. If I didn’t pray‚ well‚ I will die. Then one of them came with a knife. He said he wants my ears‚ nipples and tongue. He started cutting my ear and nipple. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. Next thing I passed out and woke up in a cold bath‚” said Ntuli after receiving medical attention at the Helen Joseph hospital.

A neighbour alerted private security. The guard who went to investigate said he saw a man “covered in blood” with tape around his “neck and legs” with hands behind his back.

The guard also says there was a ” syringe and some medical stuff” and described the scene as something out of a horror movie.

Four men were later arrested and, according to the report, one of the men renting the property is a doctor. The doctor claims he was mugged and locked in the house.

Police said the motive for the attack is not yet known.

Creepy AF.

The house is apparently quite neglected and has been for some time.