A fringe of South African society still believes women should be beaten for ‘burning food’ and ‘refusing sex’ – Image via Adobe Stock

Man sentenced to life in prison for raping a minor while out on parole

A man released on parole in 2015, after serving 10 years of a sentence for rape, is back in prison for raping a minor during his parole.


A fringe of South African society still believes women should be beaten for ‘burning food’ and ‘refusing sex’ – Image via Adobe Stock

The Mthatha Sexual Offences Court sentenced a 42-year-old man to life in prison on Wednesday, 12 May, for raping a minor in the Eastern Cape.

Vusumzi Luvatsha was out on parole for rape when he allegedly raped the young girl. According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) the accused raped the daughter of his friend’s girlfriend.


In a statement this week, the NPA said Luvatsha lured the child who trusted him, to an open veld where the incident occurred.

“On 22 July 2019, Luvatsha met the young girl when she was on her way to a nearby shop. As he was known to the victim, he lured her to a secluded open field in the neighbourhood. He then raped the girl and threatened to kill her.”

Sometime before July 2019, Luvatsha frequently accompanied his friend, who was in a romantic relationship with the mother of the victim, to the young girl’s home at Zimbane Valley Township in Mthatha.

“When the victim got home, she informed her mother about the incident and Luvatsha was arrested.”


Luvatsha reportedly abandoned his bail application when information came to light that he was out on parole for a 25-year sentence for rape.

He reportedly served 10 years of that sentence before being released on parole in 2015.

In court, Luvatsha pleaded not guilty. Prosecutor, Kaunda Zongo, led the evidence of the victim and her mother and presented a medical report from the NPA Sexual Offences and Community Affairs Unit’s (SOCA) Sinawe Thuthuzela Care Centre, to secure the conviction.

“The prosecutor gave the court the Victim Impact Statement (VIS), prepared by the Court Preparation Officer. The VIS revealed that after the rape the victim did not want to be alone and even refuses to walk to school on her own, even though the school is only 100 metres from her home.”

The court agreed with the prosecution that there were no compelling circumstances to justify a deviation from the prescribed minimum sentence of life imprisonment for raping a minor.

The court also ordered that Luvatsha’s name be entered into the national register of sexual offenders.

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