Uganda tourist

The suspect was apprehended in a recent army operation. Photo: Pixabay

Man charged over killing of South African tourist in Uganda

A court in Uganda has charged a man with terrorism and other offences over the killing of two tourists and their guide.

Uganda tourist

The suspect was apprehended in a recent army operation. Photo: Pixabay

According to the BBC, a court in Uganda has formally charged Abdul Rashid Kyoto, a purported commander in the Islamic State-linked Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) militia, with terrorism and other offenses related to the killing of two tourists and their guide last month.

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As reported by The South African, the victims – a British citizen, a South African and their Ugandan guide – were shot during an attack on October 17. The couple were on a honeymoon safari.

British citizen David Barlow, his South African wife Emmaretia Geyer and Ugandan Eric Alyai were shot dead on a visit to see gorillas and other primates at the Queen Elizabeth National Park. Their vehicle was also burnt.

Mr. Kyoto, accused of belonging to the ADF, made no statement during the reading of the charges. The case will proceed to the High Court for the murder and terrorism trial.

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Joint operations by Uganda and DRC

The ADF, primarily operating in eastern DR Congo, has been blamed for the attack, prompting increased efforts by Uganda and DR Congo to combat the group.

Mr. Kyoto was apprehended in a recent army operation, and charges include terrorism, murder and association with a terrorist organisation.

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The ADF, formed in the 1990s in western Uganda, has a history of attacks, with a recent assault on a school in June resulting in numerous fatalities.

After facing defeat in 2001, the ADF relocated to North Kivu province in DR Congo.

Since April 2019, some ADF attacks have been claimed by ISIS, which describes the ADF as one of its offshoots.

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In 2019, a US tourist and her safari guide were kidnapped by four gunmen as they drove through the Queen Elizabeth National Park park at dusk.

The gunmen dragged the pair from their safari vehicle but left behind two other tourists, whom police described as an ‘elderly couple’. The guide and tourist were exchanged after a ransom was paid for their release.