N2 highway assault

Image via: @1SecondLater / Twitter

Watch: Motorist assaulted by group of taxi drivers on N2 highway

Athlone police are investigating an assault after taxi drivers beat a man on the N2 highway on Wednesday. The video has since gone viral.

N2 highway assault

Image via: @1SecondLater / Twitter

Police have confirmed that a motorist was brutally attacked by a group of taxi drivers on the N2 highway in Cape Town early on Wednesday morning. A video depicting how the assault took place has since been making the rounds on social media. 

Warning: The content contained within this article features graphic imagery of a violent nature which some readers may find disturbing.



The video, which is relatively short, shows three men beating another man on the shoulder of the N2 highway. The men can be seen punching, kicking and hitting the man with a bag. The person taking the video appears to be inside a taxi pulled off on the side of the road. 

A woman, who is said to be the motorist’s mother, can also be seen briefly in the video. Western Cape SAPS Captain FC Van Wyk said Athlone police are investigating an assault which took place around 7:30 on Wednesday morning.  

“A man was assaulted by taxi drivers on the N2 between Bhunga and Jan Smuts Drive,” said Van Wyk.  

“Circumstances surrounding this incident are under investigation. No arrest has been made as yet,” said Van Wyk.  

Anyone with any information about the incident is kindly requested to contact Athlone SAPS on 021-697-9238 or Crime Stop on 08600-10111.

There have also been reports that the motorist was driving on the N2 highway when a taxi knocked him. It is further alleged that the motorist hit the taxi with his fist and that was when three taxis boxed his car in and started beating him. This, however, cannot be confirmed at this stage.

A Facebook user posted an image of a bloody t-shirt and videos of the incident saying; 

“Please help us find the people responsible for ganging up and brutally hospitalising this young man and his mother! A really peaceful young man who I personally watched grow up in front of me won’t hurt a fly. [Five] taxi drivers (all for a spot in traffic) on the N2 this morning. Please help if anyone has any information regarding the whereabouts of any of these cowards.” 


Apart from the incident on the N2 highway, another incident occurred in Johannesburg on the M1 highway. Emergency teams, who were first responders, found a silver vehicle riddled with bullets. Inside, two men were found dead with numerous gunshot wounds.  

A third man, seated in the rear of the vehicle was rescued and is receiving treatment in hospital.

“The third man was carefully extricated from the vehicle, treated for his injuries, and provided with advanced life support interventions. After treatment, the man was transported to a nearby hospital for further care. The details surrounding this incident are not yet known, but local authorities were on the scene for further investigations,” ER24 said in a statement.