Malema borders

Photo: GCIS

‘White people brought COVID-19 to SA’ – Malema slams border closures

EFF leader Julius Malema has yet again let loose on some heavy comments. The CIC claims white people are responsible for COVID-19 in SA.

Malema borders

Photo: GCIS

Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema made some serious claims on Thursday 14 January during a media briefing. Discussing the latest developments in the country’s response to the pandemic and the latest measures put in place to prevent the spread, Malema said white people are responsible for the disease. 

Earlier this week, President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that South Africa’s 20 national land ports would be closed with immediate effect in order to prevent the spread of the virus amid the second wave.


Slamming the border closures, Malema said there is no need to engage political parties in SADC to deal with the issue. He claims the problem is the South African government wanting to please “whites and Europeans”. 

“Disease didn’t come here from Lesotho or Zimbabwe; it came from Italy. It is white people who brought the disease here. When we said to the government, quarantine these people through forceful isolation. Because they were white, they didn’t isolate them,” he said. 

“Ramaphosa is busy with nothing because whether you close the border or not, the Lesotho people are going to come into South Africa – and there are going to come through an unregulated process – because fools have closed the gate even when we don’t have a fence. It is like we are led by a mad man. So it is a waste of time. Ramaphosa is just pretending to be busy or trying to please his white handlers,” Malema added. 


Malema asked what the point is of closing land borders but allowing flights to come in. 

“You know very well that flights are used by white people. It is black people who use these borders that are close. Floodgates of corona are opened to people who brought corona here. We must not shy away from that – it is white people who brought corona here,” he said. 

“We need one Africa, where all of us are held accountable. Where is Bushiri now? These borders which are overrated make it hard for us to locate criminals. One borderless continent will help defeat crime in our continent,” he added. 


Malema went on to say that it’s irrational to close the borders of Lesotho and Zimbabwe yet allow inter-provincial travel as if there’s a “special type of Corona in Lesotho that is more dangerous than the one in Free State.” 

“The closing of borders within SADC has nothing to do with Corona but reveals a self-hate and desire to appear tough to European nations who have closed their ports of entry to us, yet they can come as they please into our country,” he said. 

“The closing of borders around SADC, knowing how interlinked our economies are in the region at the level of migration is reckless and inhumane. The EFF condemns the closing of 20 local ports of entry by South Africa as a self-hate and deepening of the divide amongst Africans,” added Malema. 

He added that it’s an act of “classism and racism”.