Malema tells Oxford students S

Malema tells Oxford students SA would “never follow” Zim’s redistribution method

Not one to ever mince his words, Juju stopped short of calling Madiba a sell out and promised mlungus the EFF would not follow the Zim way of land redistribution.

Malema tells Oxford students S

Julius Malema is on a “speaking tour” of the UK at the moment and on Thursday, he addressed students in Oxford.

Not one to mince his words, Malema stopped short of calling former president Nelson Mandela a “sell out” and promised mlungus the EFF would not follow Zim’s way of land distribution. He also insisted that the EFF would never consider forming a coalition with the ANC and reckons doing away with BEE is the way forward.

Juju also reckons Mandela was “too old and too tired” to carry on the revolution and says it’s now up to the EFF to implement the Freedom Charter.

“The deviation from the Freedom Charter was the beginning of selling out of the revolution. When Mandela returned from prison he got separated from Winnie Mandela and went to stay in a house of a rich white man, he was looked after by the Oppenheimers, Mandela used to attend those club meetings of those white men who owned the South African economy.

“He stayed in one of their houses, they had access to him 24 hours. They told him what he represented would not be achieved, that’s when he turned against himself.

The Nelson we celebrate now is a stage-managed Mandela who compromised the principles of the revolution, which are captured in the Freedom Charter. I will say Nelson took us to a point and left it to us to take it further.”

The EFF are big supporters of land redistribution and Malema has often gotten under the skin of South Africans when this is mentioned with some fearing “South Africa will go the way of Zimbabwe”. However, Malema said that while there was “nothing wrong” with Rob Mugabe’s policy on land, the way he did it was wrong.

“We cannot have people killed, injured because you want your land back. Mugabe had more than 25 years to pass legislation through democratic means that would systematically take the land back, he did not do anything about it. He only introduced that policy at a time when he was losing power, it was opportunistic.”

The firebrand leader also said that the EFF wanted  “do away with BEE (black economic empowerment) and empower the workers” through shares.

“We want workers to have shares. Don’t give it to individuals, give to more people, the people who are called workers. Don’t give it to Cyril (Ramaphosa), give it to the workers who make this company what it is.”