EFF leader Julius Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica/X

Malema responds to Steenhuisen’s claims of EFF and ANC national coalition

Malema says he is not concerned about the opinion of the DA leader criticising the possibility of the EFF in coalition with the ANC.

EFF leader Julius Malema

EFF leader Julius Malema. Image: @EFFSouthAfrica/X

Julius Malema brushed off John Steenhuisen’s criticism about the potential alliance between the EFF and the ANC, stating that he is unconcerned about the DA leader’s opinion.

Malema on Steenhuisen’s criticism

During a public address in the Western Cape over the weekend, Steenhuisen asserted that a “Doomsday Coalition” between the ANC and EFF was currently forming and becoming evident.

“Under the Doomsday Coalition, and with Floyd Shivambu as the finance minister, the EFF will unleash its destructive policies and take our country down the exact road to Venezuela, Zimbabwe, and every other failed country.”

According to The Citizen, Steenhuisen claimed that if the EFF and the ANC were under coalition, the rand would collapse, and SA would become a “wasteland”.

This comes after Malema told JJ Tabane’s Frank Dialogue he would give the ANC its votes if it made Floyd Shivambu finance minister.

He said the land issue was crucial to any coalition discussion.

According to IOL, Malema said he is not concerned about the DA leader’s opinion as it made no difference in his life.

“When I speak, everyone listens. I don’t concern myself with their thoughts or opinions because there’s nothing to take home.”

Shivambu also threw shade at Steenhuisen, claiming: “Puppies don’t bark at motionless vehicles. So let’s allow him to bark his way out of South Africa’s political life. He’s a puppy of the establishment after all”.

‘EFF won’t enter any coalition,’ says Treasurer-General

The EFF refuse to negotiate with any party for a post-election coalition, as their goal is to remove the ANC from power and assume control.

According to The Citizen, EFF treasurer-general and MP Omphile Maotwe stated that a coalition with the ANC or any other party was not on the table.

Maotwe stated that the EFF aims to remove President Cyril Ramaphosa and fill the vacancy left by former speaker Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula in the upcoming 29 May general election.

Despite persistent rumours suggesting that the ANC was considering the EFF as its primary choice for coalition negotiations in the event of losing its majority, currently at 57%, the EFF remains adamant about not entering into any post-election coalitions.

Maotwe has a different view because she believes the ANC will lose.

“We have not entered the elections to partner with anyone. We paid money, we paid resources, we are campaigning on a daily basis, we want to take over this country,” she said.