Julius Malema on Springboks

Malema makes ambitious promises ahead of elections. Image source: X @SuarezBaloyi

Malema promises THOUSANDS of rands to graduates

Julius Malema, made bold promises at the launch of the EFF’s manifesto in KZN ahead of SA’s upcoming elections.

Julius Malema on Springboks

Malema makes ambitious promises ahead of elections. Image source: X @SuarezBaloyi

Ahead of the upcoming elections, EFF leader Julius Malema, made lots of bold promises at the launch of the EFF’s manifesto. He promised a stipend of R5000 for those with a degree or diploma, regardless of their employment status.

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Malema made bold promises if voters elect the EFF as the leading party of SA. He linked the promises to ambitious timelines at the launch of the party’s manifesto. His promises included ending loadshedding within six months and land redistribution.

In the 2019 provincial and national elections, the EFF also promised land redistribution and job creation. Malema said that if the EFF has the majority seats in Parliament, it will amend section 25 of the Constitution to allow land redistribution without compensation, according to Daily Maverick. This would mean handing over 55% of the land to black people.

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At the EFF’s 10th-anniversary rally last year, Malema incited violence against white farmers with the chant “Kill the Boer”. Tech billionaire Elon Musk’s reaction to this sparked much attention. Musk called on president Ramaphosa to speak out against Malema’s “Kill the Boer” chant, saying on social media: “They are openly pushing for genocide of white people in South Africa. @CyrilRamaphosa, why do you say nothing?”

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SABC News reported that Malema said that 55% of South Africa’s land will be expropriated without compensation before the end of 2025 should the EFF receive a majority at the 2024 polls.

“We are going to take the land and we are not going to pay a cent. Whether they like it or not, the land will be returned in the hands of our people,” he said.

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The EFF aims to establish state-owned housing and roads companies that will create jobs for approximately 4 million people.

The party wants to establish special economic zones with no company taxes and a building allowance in exchange for investors creating 2000 full-time jobs each. However, this will only be granted if the workers get a minimum wage of R6000 and pension contributions in addition. Again, Malema also mentioned this in 2019.

Additionally, Malema promised to ensure a minimum monthly stipend of R5000 for individuals with a degree or a diploma, regardless of their employment status.

Malema said: “This is not a manifesto of promises, it’s a manifesto of commitments”, according to VOA.